While the days may be shorter and colder, that doesn’t have to mean the end of a beautiful landscape. You probably think we are crazy. A winter landscape? Really? Yes, you can have a landscape that looks nice during freezing cold temperatures, ice, and snow. The following are some tips to add winter interest to your landscape.

Evergreens, Evergreens, Evergreens!  

This type of plant is the framework of your winter landscape. Evergreen trees and shrubs provide color, texture, and form even when there is six inches of snow covering the rest of your landscape. There are many different types of evergreens so we suggest mixing them to add multiple dimensions. Some great examples include Blue Spruce, Firs, Pines, Boxwoods, and Rhododendrons.

Grasses in the Winter?!

Many ornamental grasses, if maintained correctly, really show off during this time of the year. Grasses provide a softer texture to the background of large evergreens or a great contrast to the brilliant white snow. Also, don’t forget that grasses add movement to the landscape as they sway ever so slightly in the winter breeze. Dwarf Fountain, Feather Reed, and Maiden Hair are just a few of the many types of ornamental grasses available.

Showy Fruit

Trees and shrubs that produce fruit put on some of the most spectacular winter displays. Crabapples, for example, produce loads of red fruit that hold on until spring. Other plants that produce notable fruit, such as Winterberry Holly, Blue Holly, Snowberry, Beautyberry, and Viburnum are also good picks. Any bird-watchers out there? These plants are also a food source for many different kinds of birds during the winter.

Bark that Really Shows

Tree and shrub bark tends to be missed in the landscape during the warm season but when the leaves are gone this feature stands out. Textured and colored bark should be a part of every winter landscape.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is another way to highlight the winter landscape. No, we aren’t talking about rope lighting, icicle lighting, or those blow up snowmen! We are talking about lighting walkways, trees, shrubs, grasses, and various structures gives you the warmth of light in a very cold time of the year. They have the added features of security and lighting the path to your front door for gatherings.