Gardening is a therapeutic, satisfying hobby to take up. Between the appeal of growing your food, making your landscape beautiful, and the health benefits of gardening, this spring could be the perfect time to start.


Tomatoes are a great place to start when it comes to gardening. They’re easy to grow and one of the most popular choices for any vegetable garden. As long as they get plenty of sunshine and enough support for their stalks, tomatoes can grow just about anywhere. You can even grow tomatoes in a hanging planter on your porch! Plus, there are countless varieties of tomato plants available to you. For beginners, we recommend starting with a smaller tomato, like cherry tomatoes, or red currant tomatoes for a small-fruited heirloom variety.


Cucumbers are another popular choice for edible gardens because, like tomatoes, they’re a versatile plant. As long as they have plenty of sunlight and support, you can grow cucumbers in some ways. They even do well in containers thanks to their shape. With regular watering, these plants will yield lots of cucumbers, so you can always share them with friends and neighbors!


Green beans may seem tricky, but they’re a great plant for beginners to grow in a vegetable garden. You can even choose between green vine beans and self-supportive bush varieties to best fit your garden and landscape. Whichever you prefer, nothing will make you feel more like a gardening pro than the satisfying snaps of fresh green beans off the plant during harvest!


Carrots are another plant that seems expert but is quite simple. While they prefer full sun, like most other vegetables, they will do well in light shade. They’re easy to grow. However, they may become quite small in rocky or shallow soil. To achieve a thick, well-drained soil bed for your carrots, try a raised soil bed because this will encourage carrots to grow larger, but either way, they will be delicious–no matter your level of gardening expertise.