Site Preparation

Getting the proper grade for your landscape project is crucial. It is your foundation for years to follow.  Poor grading of the ground around the foundation of your home can lead to standing water and eventually dry rot. Custom Garden Landscaping knows how to correct these problems and we have the equipment to do it too! Grading is usually the first item to address on a project.

This is the time to evaluate drainage, soil conditions, and elevations for walls or steps.

The site needs to be clear of weeds, rock, and debris.

Landscape grading adds a gentle slope to your land to encourage proper drainage and add beauty using the contours of your property.

If your landscaping is improperly graded, it can lead to standing water that can be dangerous to your property for a variety of reasons. Whenever water collects around your house, it can cause your plants to become over watered, your yard to be damaged and a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If too close to your foundation or crawl space, standing water can cause structure damage that may or may not be readily apparent. Furthermore, standing water is an ideal place for insects and other undesirable pests to breed.

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