Your home is your most valuable asset.  

Beautiful eye catching landscaping is what makes it stand out from all the rest.

 Imagine coming home to a lush green manicured lawn and meticulously trimmed shrubs. 

 Envision beds of gorgeous flowers that will add vibrant color throughout the seasons.

Custom Garden Landscaping is uniquely experienced

to create and maintain Properties of Distinction.



 Residential Lawn mowing


Lush Green Lawns

Meticulously Pruned Shrubs

Seasonal Flower Changes

 Spring Clean up


Aerate the yard – This loosens the soil and brings oxygen to the root structure of your grass.

Check for bare spotsBare spots might be the result of snow removal, salt runoff or too much water caused by snow melt, and they’re easy to see come spring. Plant grass seed in these spots to improve the appearance of your lawn early in the season.

 Fertilize –lightly fertilize the entire yard early in spring.

Set up a watering schedule – Grass needs water, and a sprinkler system is the easiest way to deliver it.

 Spring Pruning


Pruning: Now is the time to prune back all those ornamental grasses to the ground. Summer flowering trees and bushes can be thinned out if you see a lot of overcrowding. Broad-leaf evergreens will benefit from a good trimming of dead branches caused by winter damage.

 Bed Edging

Edging: Edge your planter beds, creating a defined space for mulch to be contained throughout the growing season.

 Bed Mulching

Mulching:  A fresh coat of mulch on the beds to help prevent weed growth and retain moisture in the beds during the dryer months.

 Fall Clean Up

Leaving a layer of leaves on your lawn is bad for two reasons. First, it smothers your lawn and can inhibit growth. Second, it could promote disease. Rake up your leaves before winter to keep your grass healthy and growing.

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